Our Figurenotes Software is based on a drag and drop system making it easy to use for everyone.

Tailor your lessons to your pupils
Figurenotes software allows you to adapt all your teaching material to include Figurenotes. This means that you can produce exactly what your pupil needs (note names, Figurenotes in Stage 2, larger parts, etc.) and change this over time.

Write your own tunes
Release your inner Mozart, Taylor Swift or Jimi Hendrix and get creative. Figurenotes software allows you to easily create your own music.

Use with other programmes
Figurenotes software allows you to take a part written in Sibelius or other notation software and turn it into Figurenotes, and vice versa. You can also export as MIDI and open your creations in programmes like GarageBand or Logic

Create worksheets
Using blank spaces to be filled in by your pupils with different colours means that your worksheets look great and can be created in an instant! You can easily change the size of your Figurenotes bars, so making flashcards for the classroom becomes really simple.

Accessible and Inclusive
The software uses graphic images with very limited text. We also created a clear, fuss-free screen layout, with neutral colours. This enables those with autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, visual difficulties, or difficulty focusing to use the software more easily.

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Software Tutorials

This software update was made possible by funding from Creative Scotland’s Cultural Economy fund.


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What Our Users Say...

Lovely staff- very relaxed and experienced, and supportive all day. Great music making experience. Thank you very much.
Maria Kelly
Excellent notation system to support all learners.
Maria Kelly
We are impressed with how easy it is to make music with a lot of different instruments
Lorena Sanchis
Good to get ideas for using/introducing Figurenotes into classroom teaching. Good to hear how other people use the software. Nice mix of activities. Thank you. It was a really fun day 🙂
Meg Dowling
Great to be reminded of tricks and shortcuts on the software. Awesome to play in the band, and great composing ideas. I loved getting to just play and be out of my comfort zone. All of it is valuable! Thank you.
Mo Malcolm-Gourley
No matter how often I attend these training days, there is always something new to learn, and new ideas to share and take back. Great day meeting lots of interesting people and thinking about new ways of working.
Annona Thornton
Thank you - I really enjoyed the training course, especially the opportunity to use the software, bring new ideas, and create film music.
Karen McCondichie
Fab day! Thank you 🙂
Joe McGuire
The whole day was really valuable. It has been useful in every way possible!
Audrey Mackay
The day has been great! The games with Figurenotes gave me lots of new ideas. The computer session was really helpful and answered lots of my questions about how to do things. The band session was fun and illustrated how to get a group going. It was much better than I expected, as I had no idea what to expect! Loads of questions answered! Presenters were great! Thank you so much for a brilliant and inspiring day!
Amanda Frew
A well organised day; good pace. Really well resources, with instruments, computers, etc. Ideas for how to teach Figurneotes in the early stages was really useful. Breaking down the content into manageable chunks and progressing. Great to put it all together in the band session.
Johnathan Westrup – Drake Music (England)
Today was very useful. I can work on rhythm and pulse using Figurenotes to make it enjoyable for my pupils. Everything we covered was beyond my expectation. It was really valuable to have the different kinds of games you can play using simple materials. The adaptability of everything covered was really valuable.
Janet Okumu – Kodaly Instructor
Ideas for different ways of reading music, which will be very useful for a couple of students struggling with standard notation. The games ideas will be really useful too. Thank you!
Marit Falt
Learned more about using the software, which will help me build resources for my school. Loved the practical band skills. I can see this working really well in the classroom. I also enjoyed the games - would use them with ASN pupils and S1/S2. The most valuable aspect of the day was the band skills - seeing Figurenotes used on various instruments and how it might work in a group setting.
Jacqui Cockburn
The day was exactly what I needed to make me feel wildly enthusiastic again. [My partner] may find me hard to live with for the next few weeks!
Annona Thornton
Renews enthusiasm with new ideas of different way of working. Sharing ideas with other musicians and getting new ones. Excellent day. Great fun. Well done! Continue doing the good work.
Annona Thornton