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Inclusive Resources for Choirs

Snape Maltings’ Friday Afternoons project encourages young people to sing. With newly commissioned songs and resources, teachers are able to get their classes singing and creating.

Friday Afternoons asked Figurenotes to transcribe some of their songs into stage 1 and stage 3 Figurenotes notation. By creating more accessible resources, we encourage more inclusive music practices, as well as injecting some colourful fun into rehearsals.

You can access Figurenotes resources through our Resource Base and through the Friday Afternoons Song Bank.

Figurenotes score of Jonathan Dove's 'The Little Girl of Rain'

Resource Base

Sign up to our Resource Base for downloadable vocal arrangements, as well as a library of songs for bands, nursery rhymes, and a whole host of other resources.

Practice with Figurenotes

What is Figurenotes?

progressive notation that uses colour and shape to show pitch and rhythm. Let it guide you through 3 simple stages to reach standard notation without letting your reading slow your skill on your instrument.

Song Bank

Song Bank

Visit the Friday Afternoons Song Bank to discover vocal arrangements using Figurenotes notation in stages 1 and 3, alongside those using conventional notation.

Thank you and keep up your good work, as the Figurenotes system has had a major impact on my teaching and learning.
I had a pupil who could not read notation due to Dyslexia. She managed to get an A in higher music with piano as her second instrument. She is now in 2nd year of Teacher Training. It is a fabulous way to learn and is such a confidence builder.
Anne Lawrence – Piano Teacher
The course was very thorough! It was really valuable to have the practical examples and see how many different ways there are to put them into action.
Jelena Sipila
A great mix of engaging activities and useful information. Thanks for the day! This will come in handy 🙂
Jelena Sipila
I gained a thorough understanding of the use of Figurenotes. I have encountered it before, but today I figures out how to use it more professionally. Also, it was great to learn to use the notation software - this will be very helpful in the future.
Jelena Sipila
Lovely staff- very relaxed and experienced, and supportive all day. Great music making experience. Thank you very much.
Maria Kelly
Looking at ways to introduce simple music making to young people was really useful. The most valuable part of the day was getting the chance to play the instruments using Figurenotes and looking at composing.
Maria Kelly
Excellent notation system to support all learners.
Maria Kelly
We are impressed with how easy it is to make music with a lot of different instruments
Lorena Sanchis
Good to get ideas for using/introducing Figurenotes into classroom teaching. Good to hear how other people use the software. Nice mix of activities. Thank you. It was a really fun day 🙂
Meg Dowling
Great to be reminded of tricks and shortcuts on the software. Awesome to play in the band, and great composing ideas. I loved getting to just play and be out of my comfort zone. All of it is valuable! Thank you.
Mo Malcolm-Gourley
No matter how often I attend these training days, there is always something new to learn, and new ideas to share and take back. Great day meeting lots of interesting people and thinking about new ways of working.
Annona Thornton

All proceeds from Figurenotes sales go towards enabling disabled musicians to learn, play, perform, and compose. This important work is carried out by Drake Music Scotland. You can learn more on their website and donate to their life-changing work.